Rastaclat has been spreading positivity since 2010 and is proud to announce a partnership that furthers that vision with The Berrics, a famous Los Angeles skateboard park, media company, and lifestyle brand. With a mutual desire to advocate for change in the community and beyond, The Berrics mission resonates with Rastaclat’s message of ‘Seeking the Positive.’

“I am excited and honored to be able to partner with The Berrics. The origin of Rastaclat came from my love of skateboarding. The first bracelets I made were from the laces of my own skate shoes. I have long admired the work that Steve and Eric have done in the skateboarding world as well as their community work in and around Los Angeles. Everything that we do at Rastaclat, whether it is a partnership or a product, is founded on a positive action of giving back to the community,” says Daniel Kasidi, CEO of Rastaclat.

Founded by Daniel Kasidi as a symbol of positivity, Rastaclat has built premium bracelets, accessories and clothing that inspire others to seek the positive. While it has always been Kasidi’s personal vision, the company is the vehicle to spread the message of positivity and mental health to the world. In fact, Rastaclat donates 1% of all net proceeds to their Seek the Positive Foundation, whose mission is to inspire, educate and unite humankind.

For more information on new products and to follow the partnership, please visit rastaclat.com

Follow Rastaclat on Instagram To learn more about The Seek the Positive Foundation visit seekthepositive.org About Rastaclat: Ten years ago, Daniel Kasidi founded Rastaclat as a symbol of positivity. Over that time period, Rastaclat has reached over 228 countries and regions and inspired over 38 million people through their products. Rastaclat prides itself as a symbol of positivity, doing good for yourself and others. It is Rastaclat’s main company belief that positive action can change lives, inspire confidence and unite us as human beings.

About the Seek the Positive Foundation: The Seek the Positive Foundation is dedicated to impacting humankind through service, charitable grants and awareness to causes focused on equality and personal development.