Cleaning Instructions

A majority of Rastaclat bracelets are 100% polyester, therefore getting the lace wet for cleaning is fine. We suggest using a toothbrush as a scrubbing tool and a mixture of unscented hand soap and water as a cleaning solvent.                                                  

  1. Brush thoroughly throughout the bracelet, then rinse it out with water.
  2. Immediately after the rinsing process, it is best to use a dry towel to absorb any moisture from the hardware and bracelet.
  3. We highly encourage air drying your bracelet before wearing again to prevent moisture in bracelet from collecting dirt/dust.

If you decide to machine wash your Rastaclat bracelet, we advise storing it in a polyester mesh laundry bag. The usage of the laundry bag will prevent damage to hardware and loss of product. We suggest avoiding machine drying your product, but rather allowing your bracelet to air dry.