International Day of Charity is observed on September 5th of every year, established with the objective of sensitizing and mobilizing people around the globe to help others through volunteering and philanthropic endeavors. The date was chosen to commemorate the passing of Mother Teresa, who died on September 5th, 1997. She dedicated her life to alleviate human suffering, helping the poor, sick, orphaned and dying.

On this International Day of Charity (and every day after that), we invite you to join us on our mission to inspire, create change and unite to do good for yourself and others. We believe equality is essential in the journey of humankind and that everyone deserves the same opportunities, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, disability or identity.

Throughout the years, we’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with numerous charities and causes, like the American Red Cross, Meals on Wheels and Boys and Girls Club of America. We’ve filled backpacks with necessary school supplies, written positive notes of encouragement during Pride Month and helped raise money for Keep a Breast. But, honestly, all of this wouldn’t be possible without you. Our Clatlifers keep us going and inspire us to continue to help our community and the world, and we hope to do the same for you.

We donate 1% of our net sales to the Seek the Positive Foundation, which is dedicated to impacting humankind through service, charitable grants and awareness to causes focused on equality and personal development.