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    MAR 17 2020



    At Rastaclat we believe in challenging human beings to keep positivity on the forefront of everything they do. For the first time ever, Rastaclat will be hosting a social media challenge across Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

    This month, we’re asking our loyal followers around the world to participate in a #PositivityChallenge . Our simple ask? For our fans to perform at least one positive gesture a day for 30 straight days in order to promote positivity during these times of anxiety and uncertainty. We are stronger together.

    #PositivityChallenge Guidelines

    • Post on your Instagram, Facebook, IG Stories, Twitter, or TikTok using #PositivityChallenge to pledge 30 days of positivity!
    • Can be done on Instagram Feed or Stories
    • Take a photo, video, or screenshot something that you have done to help spread positivity
    • Remember to tag @Rastaclat and use #PositivityChallenge on your post!
    • You MUST nominate and tag THREE friends in your post to encourage the spread of the challenge and gain more awareness!